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Shenzhen Bang-Bell Electronics Co., Ltd. (BBE)

Manufacturer of LED street lights, LED high bay lights and LED flood lights

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  • Phone: +86 755 29588988
  • Mobile: +86 18575206951
  • Fax: +86 755 29588616
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    Building C, JinXiongDa Industrial Park, Huan'guan South Road, Guanlan, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China
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Company Profile
Bang-Bell Electronics (BBE) is an established manufacturer of LED street lights, LED high bay lights and LED flood lights. Their performance engineered luminaires combine robust design and cutting edge technology to offer cost-effective, sustainable lighting solutions that are meaningful and make sense. Since its founding in 1998, BBE has been passionate about taking advantage of forward-thinking innovations and effectively translating them to value-added products that drive consistent financial and environmental benefits. Through decades of dedication to manufacturing excellence and customer satisfaction, BBE has grown to be a prominent manufacturer of roadway luminaires with a customer base and clientele from over 140 countries.

Operating out of a modern, 12,800-square-meter facility, BBE is an integrated lighting manufacturer that upholds an uncompromising emphasis on cutting-edge technology, advanced manufacturing and high standard quality control. The company's compelling technology portfolio is reflected in its sophisticated high-power LED packaging techniques, secondary optical design and modular luminaire structures. BBE's engineering and production strength are accomplished through its fully equipped manufacturing facilities with a wide range of in-house capabilities that vertically span the entire process. The inherent reliability and irreproachable quality is ensured by rigorous production line inspection, integrated post-production testing and thorough burn-in procedures. BBE's specification grade products are certified in compliance to cULus, DLC, CB, CE, ENEC, SAA, TUV, and ErP requirement.

Designed from the ground up as totally optimized street and roadway lighting solutions, BBE's LENDA, LS, LSI, LSA, SEKALO and ATTENDRE series of LED street lighting systems delivers incredible efficiency without sacrificing application performance. High flux and high power white LEDs are paired with precision designed optics to provide application-based performance that delivers light precisely to comply with road lighting standards. The advanced photometric design ensures improved horizontal and vertical uniformity, reduced light pollution and enhanced optical precision that helps maximize energy savings. The thermal management systems incorporate high efficacy heat sinks made of die cast aluminum with high thermal conductivity. The respiratory system maximizes heat transfer through natural convection air flow and offers improved dust resistance, water resistance and self-cleaning ability. The higher power factor and high efficiency drivers ensure dependable LED performance. Energy efficiency is enhanced with dynamic dimming, occupancy and photoelectric sensing, and programmable lighting control.

The BBE lighting family also includes a line of LED high bay lights designed for industrial and commercial applications in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, aircraft hangars, cold storage units, big-box retail, gymnasiums, loading docks, and any environment where reliability, performance and economy are equally critical. The SF series LED flood lights, BBE's another flagship offering, provide versatile floodlighting solutions for demanding outdoor lighting projects such as roadway, tunnel and area lighting.
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